Refreshingly Entertaining Shows About Work

Jay crafts, directs, and hosts podcasts for mission-driven B2B brands.

Flagship Show: Unthinkable

Exploring conventional thinking at work and those who dare to question it.

Grateful to Build Shows for Clients Like These

Brain+Trust Partners

Sizzle Reel:

I make refreshingly entertaining podcasts about work.¬†I imagine a world where shows created by B2B companies are emotionally resonant, smartly hosted, and wildly enjoyable. Today, too many shows about career and business are commodities, but nobody wants a commodity career or company. It’s time to elevate the creative execution of our shows in B2B.

Your Show Should Be…


Don’t create a commodity. Own a theme outright, and spark a movement bigger than your product.


Shows provide efficiencies across all channels for marketers and backlogs of great content for audiences.


The new marketing mandate is to hold attention, not simply acquire it. Craft a show-level concept and episode-level structure to maximize time spent and develop intimacy that scales.


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