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Refreshingly entertaining original series from executive producer Jay Acunzo and mission-driven B2B brands.

Unthinkable: The Show That Started It All

Jay Acunzo’s narrative-style, critically acclaimed podcast shares stories of work that seems crazy, until you hear their side of it.

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When Jay isn’t hosting or producing refreshing new shows for clients, he’s delivering keynote speeches across industries and cities.

We provide the creative strategy, marketing advisory, and talent training and sourcing needed to build the most beloved show in your niche.

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Why We Exist

Jay Acunzo founded Unthinkable Media to make refreshingly entertaining shows about work with B2B brands. Today, too many shows about career and business are commodity programs: easily replicated, easily forgotten. B2B companies can create more resonant, more differentiated programs than yet another glorified “Talking Topics With Experts” show. Doing so can create superfans, increase loyalty, claim a theme in the market, and spark a movement in the industry. The key?

Don’t Just Acquire Attention. Hold It.


Your Show Should Be…


Don’t create a commodity. Own a theme outright, and spark a movement bigger than your product.


Shows provide efficiencies across all channels for marketers and backlogs of great content for audiences.


The new marketing mandate is to hold attention, not simply acquire it. Craft a show-level concept and episode-level structure to maximize time spent and develop intimacy that scales.


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