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We believe exceptional work happens when you find & follow what makes you an exception. Whether by creating a show together or inspiring you through one of our podcasts, we exist to help you do exactly that.

About Unthinkable Media

Why We Give So Many Damns About Our Work:

Unthinkable Media is a podcast incubation and education company, and we believe shows about the working world should reflect how people actually experience their work: with tons of meaning and emotion. Too many podcasts about work feel like commodity shows. They interview the same people. They ask the same questions. They rarely innovate on the style and sound. But we don’t want our careers and companies to be commodities — so why would we want our podcasts to feel that way?

B2B podcasts go from Boring 2 Bad.

(Get it? That’s a B2B pun.) (Is this thing on?)

Doing great work is simply too important to us all for B2B shows to continue being this boring or redundant. We need to produce podcasts to match the wide range of emotions we experience in our work, from wonder to frustration, stress to elation. So to make that vision a reality, in 2018, Jay Acunzo launched Unthinkable Media, informed by his years working in digital marketing at Google, HubSpot, and NextView Ventures and built on the back of his award-winning narrative podcast, Unthinkable.

Together with brands that are mission-driven and audience-first, Unthinkable Media strives to make refreshingly entertaining shows focused on topics about work. In the end, we want to help brands and listeners alike do work that feels authentically, uniquely their own.

Let’s make something nutritious AND delicious.

Should You Work with Us?

We specialize in the earliest stages of show development, from concept to early episode improvements.
  • 1. We partner exclusively with mission-driven, audience-first brands and influencers.

    We start our process with our partners by distilling their brands into fundamental beliefs. Why do you exist in the world? How is this different than competitors? What better world do you envision if you succeed? Why does that matter for your audience? We then use those fundamental ideas to build up to a winning show concept. (We’re not a fit if: A company already has a firm concept and/or has already chosen host who is, for instance, a busy executive with no time to spare beyond basic interview episodes.)

  • 2. We rapidly test and improve shows using our proprietary incubation feed.

    We launch our shows into The Maker Channel, a sort of show incubator we’ve created — a single podcast feed containing multiple shows still in development. This gives us access to a small number of passionate listeners who arrive ready to provide crucial feedback and insights we can use to improve the show before public launch. The Maker Channel is like the small comedy club a comedian will use to practice and improve her act before the big Netflix debut. Rather than build a giant asset like a show in private, we believe in testing it against a real audience. The Maker Channel is the small comedy club for new podcasts about work. (We’re not a fit if: A company prefers to build privately rather than publicly, skipping the incubation period. We’re happy to introduce you to our amazing production partners if that’s you.)

  • 3. We build the show together with world-class production and marketing talent.

    When we’re confident a show is ready for public release and promotion, we can help shoot it to the moon. We work with some of the industry’s best production partners to make all stages easier on our clients — prep, production, and post-production included — and we can provide a comprehensive marketing strategy to get help your show succeed.

A Creative Streak a Mile Long

Podcasting is a way for us to showcase our thinking while building intimacy at scale. We knew we couldn’t be just like any other podcast, so we chose a co-host and producer who is like no other. Jay takes the time to understand customer mindsets AND has a creative streak a mile long. How often do you see that in the B2B sector? His process has made us better hosts, giving us a formula that brings out the best in our team. It’s the difference between average and great.

A Massive Opportunity Marketers Have But Never Capitalize On

Jay sees a massive opportunity that so many marketers have, but never capitalize on. Audiences can hear the love for what he does come out in every episode. Mix that with an incredible knowledge of the industry, a killer vocabulary, and a way of making complex topics seem simple, and you get Jay Acunzo.

As Good as NPR — But Better

Jay Acunzo’s work is more than a podcast; it’s a work of art, and it’s profound.The quality is as good as NPR — but better because it’s focused on entrepreneurs, authors, and other creatives. If you want to become a better storyteller, definitely take notes from Jay.

Truly Amazing

Jay is truly amazing. When we first worked together, I was worried about how he’d capture our voice and brand. He did a great job understanding us and our audience, and he’s one of the most craft-driven people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in marketing. We were so happy with the final product.

A Breath of Fresh Air

At the risk of sounding cliche, Unthinkable really is a breath of fresh air. To say the marketing podcast landscape is crowded would be far too generous, but what Jay has created is altogether different. The combination of music, interviews, and deep, thoughtful commentary creates an experience that can only be described as “the sum is greater than its parts.” Yeah I know, that’s two cliches in one review, but believe me when I say the nuanced experience awaiting your ears is anything but!

One of the Best in the Business

Jay is one of the best in the business. Working with him to define the podcast has helped us think through our positioning in all other parts of the business too. Jay asks the right questions to help you think through everything, which is especially helpful for a scaling company like ours. In the end, we wanted a show with the same level of quality and care for craft as our software, and Jay’s shown a career-long knack for doing exactly that.

Companies We’ve Worked With

Social Media Examiner
Content Marketing Institute
BrainTrust Partners

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