Spark a Movement: Create an Original, Unassailable Show

Jay Acunzo helps mission-driven B2B brands by crafting, hosting, and producing their unique and powerful podcasts.

Welcome to Unthinkable Media:

Hey, I’m Unthinkable Media founder Jay Acunzo, and I can’t for the life of me figure something out: Why the hell are so many B2B companies launching podcasts that sounds exactly like everyone else’s? Is that a good use of anyone’s time? Like literally anyone’s? We don’t want to build commodity companies or lead commodity careers, so let’s stop creating commodity shows. I launched Unthinkable Media to help B2B brands create unassailable assets with compounding value that are proven to be worth everyone’s time.

B2B podcasts go from Boring 2 Bad.

Get it? That’s a B2B pun. (Is this thing on?)

After years working in digital media and marketing at Google, HubSpot, and the VC firm NextViewand on the back of my own successful podcast, Unthinkable, I’m building Unthinkable Media to provide better show concepts, as well as production assistance, specifically for mission-driven, audience-first B2B companies. The ideal partners are growth-stage startups or challenger brands — organizations that want to spark movements bigger than their products, with marketers who have used content marketing to both build an initial audience and break down internal silos. If that’s you, give me a shout:

Let’s make something nutritious AND delicious.

Grateful to Do Great Work for Great Clients

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To Anyone Thinking of Working with Jay: Do It!

Everyone at Flipboard was keen on making a podcast, but we lacked the in-house expertise. Jay is extremely organized, thoughtful, flexible, and encouraging. He had a clear plan and gave precise, actionable feedback. I can’t believe how lucky I am to work with someone of Jay’s caliber. To anyone thinking of working with Jay: Do it!

A Creative Streak a Mile Long

Podcasting is a way for us to showcase our thinking while building intimacy at scale. We knew we couldn’t be just like any other podcast, so we chose a co-host and producer who is like no other. Jay takes the time to understand customer mindsets AND has a creative streak a mile long. How often do you see that in the B2B sector? His process has made us better hosts, giving us a formula that brings out the best in our team. It’s the difference between average and great.

A Massive Opportunity Marketers Have But Never Capitalize On

Jay sees a massive opportunity that so many marketers have, but never capitalize on. Audiences can hear the love for what he does come out in every episode. Mix that with an incredible knowledge of the industry, a killer vocabulary, and a way of making complex topics seem simple, and you get Jay Acunzo.

Truly Amazing

Jay is truly amazing. When we first worked together, I was worried about how he’d capture our voice and brand. He did a great job understanding us and our audience, and he’s one of the most craft-driven people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in marketing. We were so happy with the final product.

One of the Best in the Business

Jay is one of the best in the business. Working with him to define the podcast has helped us think through our positioning in all other parts of the business too. Jay asks the right questions to help you think through everything, which is especially helpful for a scaling company like ours. In the end, we wanted a show with the same level of quality and care for craft as our software, and Jay’s shown a career-long knack for doing exactly that.

As Good as NPR — But Better

Jay Acunzo’s work is more than a podcast; it’s a work of art, and it’s profound.The quality is as good as NPR — but better because it’s focused on entrepreneurs, authors, and other creatives. If you want to become a better storyteller, definitely take notes from Jay.

A Breath of Fresh Air

At the risk of sounding cliche, Unthinkable really is a breath of fresh air. To say the marketing podcast landscape is crowded would be far too generous, but what Jay has created is altogether different. The combination of music, interviews, and deep, thoughtful commentary creates an experience that can only be described as “the sum is greater than its parts.” Yeah I know, that’s two cliches in one review, but believe me when I say the nuanced experience awaiting your ears is anything but!

3 Signs We Should Work Together

The ideal fit: A growth-stage startup or challenger brand with previous success in content marketing.
  • 1. You’ve already built an existing audience through content marketing.

    You know that other forms of content are better for discoverability and share-ability. You view podcasts as a way to create intimacy that scales with an audience of fiercely loyal people. You’ve experienced the power of content marketing to grow a following and subscriber base elsewhere, and you’re ready to turn them from passive to active, or to better serve an active audience.

  • 2. You need creative direction and/or host talent. 

    You need help with episode production (check!), but you’re excited to partner to craft a seriously refreshing show together. Exceptional podcasts rely on three core things: on-air talent (95% of the battle), a show-level concept, and an episode-level structure. You’re seeking a partner to help with some or all of those things.

  • 3. You’re excited to launch an unassailable, original series — not “yet another podcast.”

    You understand why a podcast makes sense for you and your audience — and it’s not “because everybody is talking about podcasts.” You’re excited to create something the audience has never seen and the industry couldn’t simply copy.

If You Believe What I Believe, Let’s Chat