Refreshingly Entertaining Shows for Driven Makers and Marketers

Their Work Seems Crazy (Until You Hear Their Side of the Story)

The show that helped launch Unthinkable Media. This is a podcast about conventional thinking at work and the people who dare to question it. In a world overflowing with average work, host Jay Acunzo asks: What does it take to be exceptional? Stories include Grado Labs, the hand-made headphone company with a surprising core; Scott Stratten, the man-bun-rocking business speaker with the world’s funniest rants; Dumb Ways to Die, the business spawned from a safety message that you can’t stop singing; Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the shocking social media success with a penchant for trolling presidents; Death Wish Coffee, the world’s strongest blend that went from failure to runway success by making one shocking decision; and many more.


Exceptions is the show about the world’s best B2B brands, diving deep inside companies like InVision, Gusto, Zoom, Wistia, Help Scout, and more, all with one purpose: To learn why and how these companies are breaking from conventional wisdom to more proactively build great B2B brands.

A Show for People Who Empower Other People at Work

Explore the stories and ideas behind the business world’s leaders and thinkers whose careers help others grow theirs. Together with the team at Tettra, this show advances the belief that top-down leadership is dead and that thriving, modern companies don’t simply manage to the org chart. Instead, they empower every individual, focus on the customer, and build great cultures. Join us on a journey to find others who fight that good fight: executives, managers, directors, coaches, and leaders of all shapes and sizes. This is the show for people who empower other people to do their best work.

The Audio Consigliere for Big Brand Executives

The Difference is the show for big brand executives exploring one big question: In the digital age, why do some brands thrive while others struggle to survive? Each episode, the founders of Brain+Trust Partners tackle one big trend, technology, or change and explore the difference between succeeding and scuffling when trying to capitalize.