Org Uncharted

The podcast for people who empower other people at work. We venture beyond the org chart to explore how the world’s most innovative leaders are rethinking leadership and fighting top-down thinking.

A Show From Tettra

Tettra makes knowledge management and sharing software for fast-growing teams. They help businesses empower their employees to do their best work.

More than ever before, we have instant access to knowledge and one another in our personal lives. In seconds, we can find answers, connect with people, and share our voice with the world. But when we go to work, these same tasks are frustrating, complex, or impossible. We can’t find answers quickly. Barriers between us and our teammates makes it hard to share and collaborate. Tettra believes that it’s time our work lives caught up to the rest of our lives. It’s time to stop searching for how to do our jobs and instead start maximizing our ability to do them well. Learn more at

Your Host: Jay Acunzo

Jay is the founder of Unthinkable Media, an award-winning podcaster, and a professional keynote speaker. He’s served as a digital media strategist at Google, head of content at HubSpot, and vice president of content and community for the VC firm NextView.

Jay’s work has been cited in courses at Harvard Business School, by writers at The New York Times and The Washington Post, and by investors on TV’s Shark Tank. One blog called him a “marketing antihero,” causing Jay to immediately buy a Batman mask. Unfortunately, his wife does not allow him to wear it in public.

In 2018, Jay founded Unthinkable Media to inspire and empower others to do more exceptional work. It’s Jay’s driving belief that exceptional work happens when we find and follow what makes us an exception.

Featured Episode: "Rewarding Failure"

A deep dive into a powerful idea getting used (and abused) all over the business world. We talk to Kathleen Mullaney of online education company Udacity, who has helped develop a thriving culture both internally with employees and externally with the company’s students all across the world. Kathleen and host Jay Acunzo deconstruct this notion of “Rewarding Failure” to separate the noise from the substance — and we walk away with a few practical ideas we can all use to empower others better in our companies.

"Champion Leaders"

Inside new thinking on the types of leaders that thrive today. We talk to one of the biggest names in marketing today, Michael Brenner, an author, speaker, and CEO of Marketing Insider Group. Recently, he’s been advocating that more organizations big and small embrace the idea of the Champion Leader. We talk about what that means, how that changes management and team organization, and why he believes there’s a new type of mandate for every company that wants to survive today.

"Pulling Teams Out Of Ruts"

Exploring how great leaders re-energize their teams. We talk to an industry award-winning leader, Amanda Todorovich of Cleveland Clinic. As a leader in a more traditional organization, Amanda has fought hard to create an environment conducive to doing inspired work. But it hasn’t always been easy. She shares her struggles, as well as one brilliant fix she used to pull her team out of a rut last year.

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